Welcome to the Monsterhearts of Dresden’s Bluff

This small suburban town has been rocked with missing persons, yet the police have been quiet. Classmates, teachers, neighbors, all disappeared, but no one has been saying anything.

Some people have mentioned that it was the new big chemical manufacturing company, Zeta Corp. and the shady people behind it. But that’s all rumors, probably by some freaking washed out hipsters.

Some people say they saw people wandering around the woods out back. People have been hearing wolves, but there haven’t been a wolf sighting for years…

Who is behind it? Do you care? You have more important things to care about.

Like why are you SUCH a freak? If anyone knew the real you, would they really love you? Would they disown you?

Your parents want to be something you’re not.
You don’t think you can be anything at all.
You just know you’re different.
And in High School?
That’s deadly

Monsterhearts of Dreseden's Bluff